Restaurant Takeover

On November 8th 2012 we were featured on Food Network’s, Restaurant Takeover. Chef Massimo Capra and interior designer Alison Milne beautifully transformed the look of our original Scarborough restaurant and sensibly updated our menu. This year we celebrated our first anniversary on the show. If you missed it live, the video is viewable on our YouTube channel. Enjoy the show and come by to experience our new restaurant in person.


Food Network Press Release

Good news for all you Restaurant Makeover fans, one of our most popular and long-standing shows is back but with a facelift. Restaurant Takeover (with a T as it’s now known) will introduce our audience to a whole slew of fresh faces. That’s not all. You’ll also see exciting undercover twists, lots of culinary and design challenges and hidden cameras at work.

In Restaurant Takeover, some familiar faces –Corbin Tomaszeski and Massimo Capra and designers Cherie Stinson and Cheryl Torrenueva — will be joined by a handful of newbies which include: Chefs Richard Andino, Derek Minkensky, Andrea Nicholson and Adam Hynam-Smith, as well as designers Montana Burnett, Paula Velez, Amanda Campbell and Alison Milne.