Our Story

Inspired by childhood memories and influenced by exotic spices. Naan and Kabob is a family dream of a new home away from home. The family who followed the footsteps of the spice route merchants on a journey of a lifetime from Afghanistan in the East to Canada in the West, through other central Asian countries. An enriching journey that set sail to the unknown and landed at Naan and Kabob.

In the light of this lifetime journey of the family and the enduring legacy of the spice route, Naan and Kabob was born to take you on a quest that’s never short of thrill and mystery of the East and modern setting of the West.

The family created Naan and Kabob with a vision to become a hub that connects civilizations through delicious food and inviting setting. A crossroad at the heart of the Spice Route where people of diverse cultures and languages meet to celebrate a world of flavours and a legacy of homemade recipes.

the spice route to Canada

Our Top Dishes

Chicken Lover

Chicken chunks grilled with aromatic spices, served with your choice of sides

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank

Served with a heaping portion of seasoned brown rice, topped with fried sweet carrot strips and raisins.

nk grill

N&K Grill

A mix of Tandori Chicken, Shish Kabob and Classic Chicken.

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